This website describes the new Occupational Asthma-specific Job-Exposure Matrix (OAsJEM), which allow to estimate occupational exposure to specific asthmagen agents (nuisances at risk for asthma) in population-based surveys, for each ISCO88 job code. This tool has been updated by international experts, in evaluation of occupational exposures, from the previous Asthma JEM (Kennedy et al, OEM 2000 ; The OAsJEM can be downloaded freely by researchers. Therefore, we collect names, e-mail and affiliations of those people who download the matrix files. Before applying this new OAsJEM, we would appreciate if the user could contact one of the authors of the OAsJEM paper (cf. reference below), who might be a co-author if the use of the OAsJEM results in a publication.

The tool is a job-exposure matrix, with an embedded semi-expert re-evaluation tool taking into account job description and tasks. All steps are described on the website. To optimize the use of the tool, we will add and regularly update a publication list to the website. In order to build a community of expertise in using this new tool (OAsJEM), if you use the matrix in generating a publication, we would appreciate notification .

A publication published in 2018 described the development of the new occupational asthma-specific JEM.

Le Moual N, Zock JP, Dumas O, Lytras T, Andersson E, Lillienberg L, Schlunssen V, Benke G, Kromhout H. Update of an Occupational Asthma-specific Job-Exposure Matrix to assess exposure to 30 specific agents. Occupational and Environmental Medicine 2018 (75:507-514.)